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In September, Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) closed its project providing healthcare to Malian refugees in Burkina Faso.



outpatient consultations


patients treated for malaria


births assisted

Malians began crossing the border into Oudalan province, fleeing violence and unrest in their home country, in February 2012. The following month, MSF   opened  a project providing basic healthcare to some 8,000 people in informal settlements around Gandafabou.

when the authorities moved the refugees  to official camps in July 2013, MSF reoriented activities to assist those who had settled  at Déou and Dibissi (2,000 and 4,000 people respectively). Staff ran mobile clinics three times per week offering medical care.

Basic healthcare was also provided to children up to the age of five in Déou health district. MSF screened children for malnutrition and ensured that those aged between six months and five years had received vaccinations.

Following a decrease in the number of Malian refugees in Oudalan province, MSF closed the project in September after having made donations to medical facilities in the region.

 No. staff in 2014: 63  |  expenditure: €1.3 million  |  year msf first worked in the country: 1995  |